Drought threatening crops in South Europe, Katherimi, english edition, 14 March 2007

The Netherlands

‘2007: The Netherlands in a drought again’ (pdf), report on the early 2007 drought in the Netherlands, 2 May 2007

United Kingdom

Environment Agency
‘Early drought prospects 2007’ (pdf), November 2006



Information on Disasters in 2006 by UN/ISDR (UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) and CRED (Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters):
‘2006 disasters in numbers’ (pdf)
‘Three European countries among the top ten deadliest disasters of 2006’ (pdf), UN/ISDR press release from 7 January 2007


WWF-News from 13 July 2006: Agriculture Draining Med Water, with WWF report ‘Drought in the Mediterrainian: WWF Policy Proposals (pdf)’, July 2006


Federal Institute of Hydrology
‘The low-flow situation in German Federal waterways in July 2006’ (pdf), by J.U. Belz, S. Rademacher & W. Rätz

The Netherlands

‘2006 Drought in the Netherlands at the end’ (pdf)? Update on the drought situation in the Netherlands from 4 August 2006
‘2006 Drought in the Netherlands’ (pdf), report from 20 July 2006


Spain logs second year of drought, Planet Ark, Reuters News Service, 4 October 2006

United Kingdom

Environment Agency
‘Drought prospects 2006 – August update’ (pdf), August 2006
‘Drought prospects 2006 – spring update’ (pdf), May 2006
‘Drought prospects 2006’ (pdf), February 2006



‘The Australian drought of 2005’ (pdf), offprint of the article by Andrew B. Watkins, WMO Bulletin 2005 54(3) (July 2005), 156-162